Victory does belong to God!

Think carefully about what you need as opposed to what you desire. Ask God to help you trust that he will supply all your needs (Philippians 4:19).

Read Judges 7:1-25

Proclaiming victory
If you are a parent, perhaps you recall your child explaining their request for something with the word ‘need’. As an adult, I easily slip into misuse of the word, thinking (or saying) things such as, ‘I really need a new phone / laptop / etc’, as though these things were completely essential.

God had a checklist of Gideon’s needs:

obedience (check),

the Holy Spirit (check),

300 men (check) and lastly,

encouragement (check).

Now we see Strong Warrior Stage IV, a man who worships and proclaims victory in faith before he does anything else (v 15).

Moving in faith
He devises a cunning plan to launch the attack in the strength he has (see 6:14): 300 men, trumpets, jars and torches. There is no indication in Scripture that God gave Gideon this plan – it is the work of a resourceful commander who improvises, adapts and (with God’s help) overcomes.

God does the real fighting and Gideon does not hesitate to attribute victory to God. Notice, however, that God does nothing until Gideon and his men take action: ‘When the three hundred trumpets sounded, the LORD caused …’ (v 22, NIV). God sets the task before us and moves in power when we move in faith.

Respond: Have you been putting off a challenge in the belief that there is something you need first? Take the first step and see God take care of the rest.


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