You can do this, trust me!

Hiking is not my idea of having fun but once in a while, with the right company, I can do crazy things. I dislike high speed but my friends assured me a desert ride in Dubai Sand dunes would be fun. Me thinks they were crazy.

My screams could be heard in Siberia. For real. Please note this was not in any way out of pure bliss but pure terror!

I am a driver, a good one I must say however I do not find speed thrilling. So These desert rides were a notch higher. My stomach turned until it could turn no more. But guess what, the vehicle would not stop for anything until the time paid for elapsed! This girl had to put up with it. Later though, there was food, fun and dancing. You see, at the end of a trial, there is always something to smile about.

7 years later, I have the experience carefully lodged in my soul.

Image result for desert safari dubai
(Web photo) That looks good for photos, but once inside the Prado, the hard part begins.

Dubai desert dinner.jpg

Dinner in the Desert! It compensated for all the screaming and terror! Ate to my fill!

Now to a preview of the hike in Ngong Forest

Praise Ngong.jpg
There was even a worship experience. The sun was out, the day was so beautiful and the spirit was willing……
Rock solid pose
Ok, who does that! However a song was on my mind, “On Christ the Solid Rock I stand” Just that I was lying down! Weirdly nice!A
Cave girl.jpg
At one point I found myself in a hole! This way the only way out of the crazy maze! Once in a while in life, we find ourselves in holes. Cheer up, we always get out. Like I did!
Almost there
What a steep climb! 
Victory looks like this
Ladies and gentlemen, that is how victory looks like!
Loving it
But hold it! Before the victory, halfway the steep climb, I asked the person taking the photo if where I was heading was worth the trouble! They assured me that I would not be disappointed! I wasn’t!
Lessons learn.jpg
After the steep climb, we had a debriefing session. Apparently we were going through the same experience! We deserved a photo. Right?


The lessons I learnt in 5 short hours are:-

  • There are days you have to encounter rocks and rough patches, the solution is to keep finding a way out. Either go over it or around it but turning back is not an option. You must have the resolve to finish what you started
  • There is no time to look pretty! Sweat, dirt, scratches, bugs, messy mass of a person moving along the challenges.
  • You will regret neglecting exercise or visiting the gym
  • Water in your best friend. Do no leave behind your bottle of water. Lifesaver!
  • You have to trust your companions, because you will need them most of the time
  • Fear will only result to havoc. Encourage yourself along the way!
  • Please wear proper shoes! Please.
  • What looks impossible at one point will be laughable
  • Every obstacle will lead somewhere. Imagine that.
  • What is difficult to one person may be the easiest to the next person. Learn not to compare
  • You are likely to meet other people on the hike. There are others going through similar experiences
  • You have to get some rest. No point trying to be macho!
  • Walking is much fun than running. You will take in the beauty of the area and see features that can only be captured best by your memory.

8 thoughts on “You can do this, trust me!

  1. I love the photos and lessons highlighted.Indeed,turning back is never an option and fear holds us back from enjoying life changing amazing experiences

    Proud of you gal.


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