Foreigners on the Altar?

Oh yes, this happens all the time!

So in the context of churches, there have been foreigners given positions of honour. And of all places, they are on the Altar.

Let me define a foreigner on the Altar, this is a man or woman who has no heart for the things of God but  because they have a certain talent, the church gives them a ministry to run. Tapping into their gifting! Yeah yeah yeah!

I honestly would rather go to a church that has no guitarist than go to one where they hired one from a popular band in the city. After all God still takes delight in my voice even without the band. Right? Jesus sung a hymn with His disciples with no accompaniments in Matthew. See Matthew 26: 30 When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives. NIV”

While going through the WORD, See what I stumbled upon! Ezekiel received the WORD below from God;

“And the Lord said to me, “Son of man, take careful notice. Use your eyes and ears, and listen to everything I tell you about the regulations concerning the Lord ’s Temple. Take careful note of the procedures for using the Temple’s entrances and exits. And give these rebels, the people of Israel, this message from the Sovereign Lord : O people of Israel, enough of your detestable sins! You have brought uncircumcised foreigners into my sanctuary—people who have no heart for God. In this way, you defiled my Temple even as you offered me my food, the fat and blood of sacrifices. In addition to all your other detestable sins, you have broken my covenant. Instead of safeguarding my sacred rituals, you have hired foreigners to take charge of my sanctuary.
Ezekiel 44:5-8 NLT

One time I attended a service in a different church, the lady leading ‘worship’ was dressed to the nines. That is to say from the crowd, I could see lots of flesh! But you guessed right, she is a song bird. Excellency is perfectly fine in church, but don’t look for that in the wrong places.

While visiting a certain church in the US, the “hired hand” refused to play an instrument unless his fee was revised, upwards. I lack words for this kind of  disrespect of the Altar.

I have been challenged to plug into ministry so as not to subject my leaders from hiring ‘foreigners’.


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